Isla Moore debuts a delicious small-town series about taking risks, second chances, and trusting your heart to lead the way.

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The rule was they couldn’t fall in love. 

But rules are made to be broken.

Empty-nester Alison English is ready to sell her too-large house and start the second part of her life. The only way that’s possible is to dust off her past author skills and accept the offer– and the unseemly amount of money –to ghost write a sizzling scorcher of a romance book. One problem: widowed for ten years, forty-something Alison isn’t sure she even remembers how to flirt, much less sizzle or scorch… Everything still goes in the same places though, right? All she needs is practice. And she knows just who to ask for help.

Will Fournier is thirty-one going on fifty. Single parenting a special-needs six-year-old and running a construction business doesn’t leave much time for socializing. Dating is out. He won’t risk someone breaking his daughter’s heart when the relationship inevitably falls apart. What he needs is an arrangement with a woman isn’t looking to get married or even go out on the town. A woman who will settle for convenient, no strings attached sex. In a perfect world, this fantasy woman would look like Alison, whose kitchen he’s been tearing apart. But someone as sexy and classy as her wouldn’t be interested in friends with benefits.

Even with strict rules set in place, spending everyday together brings Will and Alison much closer than in just the bedroom. And when emotions get involved, who will be the first to fall? 

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He might be the burglar. 

But she stole his heart.

Real estate agent Paris Fitzgerald is about to make the sale of the century. Years of nothing but hard work and focus on her career is about to pay off—in a very big way. Not only will this deal establish her as the real estate queen of Georgia, but she can finally take the long vacation to the city her mother named her for. So, she isn’t about to let anything derail her. Not a drunken father, not a dangerous storm, and certainly not a sexy-as-sin man who breaks into the house with some sob story about a stolen family heirloom. Even if he is the most gorgeous burglar she’s ever seen. Even if he did catch her off-the-clock, naked in the hot tub…

Luke Murphy made a promise, and he intends to keep it. All he has to do is break into the outrageously opulent mansion his no-good, felon ex-brother-in-law built and find the family heirloom ring the now imprisoned creep stole from his sister, before the house is sold. Simple, right? What he didn’t count on was the beautiful real estate agent showing up early and ruining his plan, not to mention distracting him with a late night hot tub show. But when the feisty blonde agrees to let him look for the ring, Luke sees a softer side to the buttoned-up business woman Paris portrays—a side that he wants to get to know better.

However, all hell is about to break loose and both Luke and Paris are in a lot more danger than they realize. When morning comes and the dust settles, more than hearts could be broken. 

She’s trying to fix the mistakes of her past.

He’s running from his.

Bartender Nia Neruli might have train-wrecked the first part of her life, but now she’s determined to repair the relationships she destroyed—including her ex and his new wife—and spend time with her little girl Madison. There’s no way Nia can make up for the years she lost with Maddie, but maybe, just maybe, she can give her daughter something she wants more than anything—she just has to find a way to make some extra money, fast. But then Nia gets caught up in the limelight of two Hollywood darlings’ public drama and realizes she’s in danger of losing her heart to a man she has no business falling for.

In small-town Georgia to film his latest movie, ruggedly handsome and more-famous-than-he’d-like movie star Ben Packham comes up with the perfect plan to convince his obsessed ex-wife their marriage is truly over: a beautiful, new, pretend girlfriend who’s supposedly the love of his life. When he spots gorgeous Nia behind the bar, he knows instantly she’s the one to play the role of a lifetime, and in no time, the two have become “Ben and the Bartender,” to the delight of the entire online community. But there’s a snag. Ben—who’s run like hell from love since he was in high school—finds his feelings for this intoxicating woman are becoming all too real…and digging up painful memories he thought he’d locked away for good. 

Breaking all the rules will most certainly break some hearts. But when filming ends, will Ben and Nia’s delicate new relationship end up as just another fairy-tale lie of the silver screen—or can they find the courage to separate fact from fiction and make the fantasy real?

 Isla Moore lives on a mini-farm in the South where she wrangles dogs, kids, a spouse, and the occasional herd of deer or swarm of mosquitoes. She writes small-town Southern romances – a little sweet, a lot sexy, and always spiked with a bit of humor, just like her favorite bourbon sweet tea.