So I’m starting a blog. Because, you know, what the world needs now is love  another blog. And, frankly, with the shocking amount of excess words I carry around in this shortish body, I am scared if I don’t start blogging soon, something bad’s gonna happen. (And no, I can’t say all these words out loud to a person, for Pete’s sake, that would make me nervous.)

Actually, I think I’ve already been blogging for quite a while now on this thing called The Facebook. I’ve become what’s known as a chronic over-poster though, at first entering my cutesy little check-ins and witticisms and mind-blowingly interesting stories about driving around my town and drinking Starbucks once every couple of days, then later, on a daily, sometimes multi-daily, basis.

Look, when The Facebook asked me what was on my mind, I couldn’t help it, I was touched. Deeply. I mean, seriously. How many people ask you what’s on your mind every time you look at them? So I told it.

Eventually, whenever I’d creep out into the sunlight and interact with real humans, they’d mention the posts (and their frequency). I became embarrassed. But I couldn’t stop. Posting was just so dang fun. And all those replies! Okay, I’ll admit, the replies made me feel kind of giddy

Then a couple of friends pulled me aside and mentioned I should start blogging. They pshawed my fear of over-posting and promised me they were only suggesting this because I was just so darn interesting on Facebook. What I really needed to do was share my gift with the world. Looking back, I think it may have actually been an intervention.

But it occurred to me they had a point. I was treating Facebook like one of those friend stopgaps–you know…you have your circle, the girls you normally talk to, but no one’s available on the one day when you MUST SHARE. And so you wind up doing Jungian depth work on your body-image issues with the guy who showed up at your house to spray for cockroaches.

Inappro-pro, as my kids would say.

So, I blog. I can’t promise the words will be profound or funny or even worthwhile. They’ll just be plentiful. Hope you like.